Getting Your Furniture Arrangement Right

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How you arrange the furniture in your room will instantly set the tone for how you will live and use that interior space. If the furniture arrangement isn’t done properly, even the most beautiful rooms can fall short.

Making sure that you have the right furniture arrangement and layout will make your space look proportional, add function, and essentially make it more enjoyable.

Tips on Arranging Your Furniture

Click here to watch this video. These are just a few simple tips and tricks to help you in arranging your furniture that will create a comfortable environment and will help you to make the most use of your space.

Create a conversation area

Arrange your furniture in a grouping that invites conversation, such as U-shaped, L-shaped or H-shaped configurations.

For example, you want to arrange your seating to face your occasional chairs and sofa toward each other to create that conversation area.

You want to ensure that you place occasional chairs in pairs in order to balance the visual weight of the sofa or loveseat.  This will also maximize seating.

Ensure there is proper traffic flow

The traffic flow is the flow of how people will move in, out, and throughout the space. You want to ensure that you leave plenty of room to allow people to travel comfortably throughout the room.

A general rule is the ensure you have approximately 24” – 30″ of space to maneuver around the furniture.

Create drop zones

You want to ensure that you provide enough flat surfaces within your space to place drinks of other items down comfortably.  If you have enough space, you will want to place side tables on both ends of the sofa in combination with a coffee table to use as landing spaces.

A general rule of thumb is to place the coffee table within about 14″ – 18″ from your sofa.

Float your furniture

If your room is large enough and you have space, when possible, try to avoid placing all your furniture against the walls.

Configuring your furniture in the center of the room and away from the walls will actually make the room look larger.

Define the space

Area rugs are used to anchor furniture or to define the space. For instance, in a living room try to arrange the grouping of furniture so that all four legs of the sofa and chairs fit on the area rug. At the very least, place the front two legs of the sofa and chair on the area rug.

I Hope These Furniture Arrangement Tips Helped!

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