Kitchen Renovation – Why Do You Like THAT Kitchen?

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Kitchen Renovation Tips

Contemplating A Kitchen Renovation?

Have you started collecting images or created a Pinterest Board of different styles of kitchens that you love when thinking about a kitchen renovation? Great. You’ve started the first step! Now ask yourself…

“Why do you like THAT particular kitchen?”

Do you like that kitchen because of the overall finished look or design?

Perhaps there are specific elements or details about that particular kitchen design you like?

I usually tell my clients to really look at all the details in the images of the kitchen designs they have collected. I tell clients to look at the details such as the style of the hardware; the cabinets; the paint colours; the flooring; the backsplash tiles; all the fixtures and the lighting. You need to look at all the elements as individual components that have been incorporated together to create the final kitchen design.

Let’s Get You Started:

1. Cabinet Door Profile

I want you to look at the door profile or “style” of the cabinetry. Do the cabinet doors and drawers have the same profile?  Is the cabinet drawer a flat panel or is it the same profile as the cabinet doors?

For example, the image below are variations of a shaker door and drawer profile. Remember, there are many varieties of profiles to choose from when it comes to selecting your cabinetry.

Source: Kitchen Craft

2. Cabinetry Finish

I want you to look at the finish of the cabinetry. Do you like a high gloss painted MDF finish or perhaps a stained or glazed wood finish? Would you prefer a wood, melamine, thermofoil or even an acrylic finish?

Again, there are numerous wood species and finishes of cabinetry available within different price points.  Find out which your prefer and what fits into your budget.

TIP:  I great way to reduce the cost of the kitchen is to choose a finish that is more affordable.  Choose a maple or melamine finish.

Source: Kitchen Craft

3. Grain Orientation

Do you like the look of a visible grain on the cabinets? If you do, check out to see if you prefer a grain that is in a horizontal or vertical pattern/orientation?

Source: Kitchen Craft

4. Hardware

Look at how the hardware is installed:

  • Is the hardware installed horizontally or vertically?;
  • Is the hardware large or small in size?;
  • Is it a traditional or contemporary style?; and
  • What is the finish of the hardware?
Kitchen Renovation Hardware

Source: Richelieu

5. Fixtures and Tiles

Look at the style of the faucet and sink; Look at the tile pattern of the backsplash; Look at how the flooring has been installed… Now, I want you to go back and have a closet look at your collection of images and really look at all those design details to get a better ideas of why it is that you are drawn to that particular kitchen design.

I really do hope these tips helped!

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