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Our team is here to provide support, assistance, and guidance for our clients so that you can enjoy the design process and achieve the home of your dreams!


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We can see that you are overwhelmed with your interior design project. We know you are scouring the internet, Pinterest, and Houzz for inspiration and ideas and it is becoming even more confusing. There are so many styles, options, and choices in design and it can become consuming.

Essence Designs is here to provide you with the interior design guidance and information you need to help you make those overwhelming decisions so you can actually enjoy the design process and survive your renovation! We specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and interior designs.

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We feel the design process should be exciting, fun, and most -importantly, stress-free! That is what we hope to achieve when we work with you on your next design project! Essence Designs takes the time to listen and understand our clients. 

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WE HAVE created a personalized 10-step design process


You will be asked to sign the approved service agreement and contract. A non-refundable deposit will be required to book your initial design meeting and guarantee your project in our cue. You will be asked to complete a design worksheet & questionnaire that you can complete prior to your initial site visit.

#2 - booking Your Spot

Book a 15 to 30-minute phone call or virtual meeting to review your interior design project scope and what your expectations are when looking to hire a design company. This first step is important to determine if this is a good fit for both parties.

#1 - Discovery Meeting


Your design concepts are presented in our 3D rendering software program to be reviewed during our virtual meetings. We can show your design from every angle as if you are in the space. This allows us to discuss possible solutions and determine what design may suite you best.

#4 - Design Concept & Development

During our initial design meeting onsite, we will discuss your design requirements, project scope and possible solutions in more detail, as well as review your design worksheet. Then we get to work on your design concepts.

#3 - Initial Design Meeting


The final construction drawings will provide you with the information and project scope you need to obtain construction estimates, and submit for permit application (if required). We may require you to provide us with a survey of your property which shows the property lines and location of any adjacent buildings.

#6 - Final Construction Drawings

Once the design concept has been developed and you are ecstatic with the design, the design concept is to be approved and signed off in order to prepare the final construction drawings.

#5 - Concept Design Approval


Once the construction drawings are complete, we will assist in selecting a contractor to review your interior design project scope and provide you with a detailed construction estimate.

#8 - Trade Day | On-Site Meeting

We can now focus on the best part – selecting the products and materials! We start this phase least 6 months prior to your renovation start date. We will prepare a product list of the selected materials and their cost for your project. This includes cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tiles, plumbing & lighting, paint colours, and any furniture and accessories.

#7 - Product Selections


Once your renovation project is complete and all new furnishings have arrived, Essence Designs will schedule a styling and professional photoshoot to showcase your amazing new design!

#10 - Styling & Photoshoot

During the construction phase, Essence Designs always stops by the job site during key stages and milestones to check on the progress of your renovation and to answer any questions.

#9 - Renovation



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