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How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right

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How you arrange your furniture in your room will instantly set the tone for how you will live and use that interior space. If the furniture isn’t arranged properly, even the most beautiful rooms can fall short.

Making sure that you have the right furniture arrangement and layout will make your space look proportional, add function and essentially make it more enjoyable.

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The Value of a 1hr Design Consultation

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Design consultations are becoming more popular since the amount of design decisions and choices to be made these days can be overwhelming for some homeowners.


What paint colour do I choose?

Do I install ceramic tile, porcelain tile or hardwood flooring in my kitchen?

Where can I go to look for cabinetry?

What is the difference between quartz and granite countertops?

Where do I go to look for good quality furniture for a reasonable price?

Which contractor do I hire?


Do these questions sound familiar?


Sometimes hiring an interior decorator or designer to completely redesign your home isn’t an option for some individuals for specific reasons. Does that mean you are completely on your own when it comes to making those tough design decisions? NO.

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January Colour Alert!

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In this month of January, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Uni Blue”!



A hue with a sense of stability, timelessness and depth, “Uni Blue” emerges as a color to cross genders, generations and product lines. A deep, chromatic blue, Uni Blue transitions from cobalt to near-navy, providing a meaningful color that anyone can embrace. It is part of a color continuum that connects spaces, people and ideas, in life and in color. – The Color Marketing Group

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How to Stylishly Decorate with Colour

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How to Stylishly Decorate with Colour Image
Need help choosing the right colour for your home decor? Looking for an easy, chic way to change the feel of your home?

Most people like to make a colour statement, but it is important to know how not to overdo it. Choosing a bold and intense colour can energize your room, but they can also easily overpower it.

Today I’m going to share with you one of my tips on how to stylishly decorate with colour.

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Top 12 Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Have you completed your Christmas shopping? Have you started?

If you just realized that you only have less than a week left before Christmas to purchase your gifts, there is no need to panic. There are still plenty of great gift options both in store and available online.

These 12 last minute gift ideas cover everything from stocking stuffers to thoughtful gift ideas that everyone on your list will enjoy.

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December Colour Alert!

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In this month of December, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Touch of Hope”!




An emerging pink with a simple, joyous spirit, “Touch of Hope” is a color of affirmation for every day, and every year, to come. Youthful, yet sophisticated, it embraces the subtle strength of modern femininity and adds a playful quality with a slightly retro edge. Touch of Hope offers an escape from technology and speed-racing through life. – The Color Marketing Group.


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Fun Christmas Party Ideas

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Need ideas for entertaining this season?

The Holidays are all about spending time with your friends and family. December is usually filled with many gatherings that include good food and drinks, lots of festive decorations and great company.

Get ready for your Holiday gathering with these five FUN and EASY Christmas party ideas…

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