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Need help choosing the right colour for your home decor? Looking for an easy, chic way to change the feel of your home?

Most people like to make a colour statement, but it is important to know how not to overdo it. Choosing a bold and intense colour can energize your room, but they can also easily overpower it.

Today I’m going to share with you one of my tips on how to stylishly decorate with colour.


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The secret to incorporating these bold colours into your home decor is knowing how to properly balance where you can use these bold and intense colours and where you can do without.

It is always best to start out by choosing a neutral colour for the majority of your main pieces, such as your sofa and your wall. Then it is much easier to have a little fun and introduce some colour and pattern using playful accents.

Incorporating window treatments, accent cushions or playful poufs in graphic patterns and bright colours, along with vibrant and colourful artwork is a great example of how you can inject a bold colour into your room decor.

This way if you decide to change your colour palette later on, all you have to do is switch out the accessories.

It always makes sense to plan for change.

Here are a few great examples of how to inject bold colours into your home decor:


SRLiving+roomSource: Style at Home

sarah-house1107re02Source: Decoist

LR-gallery1.pngSource: Sarah Richardson

Multiple-shades-of-teal-and-an-accent-wall-that-borders-on-auqaSource: Globe and Mail


I really do hope this tip helps.

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