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My Story .

I am a designer working in Ottawa and offering interior design and decorating services specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and interior designs.

My design approach and philosophy are to create a personal experience with each client and to take care of you throughout the design and renovation process.

My mission is to help you design the home of your dreams! Guiding you through the design process to gain that functionality, understand your specific needs, help you to navigate through your renovation.

My Clients

When it comes to any interior design project it is going to be overwhelming. That is why I’m here – to help.

I know that there are many choices, style options, and decisions that you will need to make with your design project and that it can become all-consuming and stressful.

I try to provide support, help, and guidance for my clients so that they can achieve the design of their dreams!

The design process should be exciting, fun, and most -importantly, stress-free! That is what I hope to achieve when I work with you on your next design project! I take the time to listen and understand my client. I want to make sure that you feel well taken care of during the design process.

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We hired Dawn to help us design our new kitchen. We enjoyed working with her so much! She really heard us, we felt very well taken care of, and she was so accommodating all the way through. She made the process very fun for us, and we felt good about our decisions because we trusted her guidance. 

How I Came to Run My Own

Design Company .

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Carleton’s School of Industrial Design and graduated with the highest honours’ from Algonquin College’s Interior Decorating Program. I would have never believed that 10 years after graduating from the Decorating Program, I would be teaching the first-year students.

Before I owned my own business, I had your typical 9-5 corporate office job for many years working for a Patent Licensing Company as well as a well-known Law Firm here in Ottawa.

I have always loved design and worked in the industry in many different capacities. It was a side hustle for a while. It wasn’t until a few years ago that took the plunge and decided to leave the security of my corporate job and open up my own design company. It was one of the best decisions I made and I absolutely love what I do.

Working in an office environment gave me so much knowledge and helped develop so many skills that are required when you run your own business. It helps when you are insanely organized!

“Thank you so much for all of this hard work.  You have really gone above and beyond with helping us get organized and keep us moving.”
– Kylie –
Thanks so much for putting these designs together, we’re really happy and excited about the direction everything’s going!
Everything is coming together amazingly.
– Kate –
This looks great Dawn. Thanks!
We really appreciate the quick turnaround. You’re a hero!
– Mike –
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