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Step into a serene sanctuary where urban sophistication meets natural elegance. Our Urban Bamboo Bathroom Project blends sleek modern lines with the calming presence of bamboo, creating a space that is both warm and contemporary. This bathroom design showcases rich, earthy tones, luxurious textures, and sustainable materials, offering a refreshing retreat in the heart of the city. Immerse yourself in a harmonious balance of style and comfort, where every element is thoughtfully curated to provide an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

At Essence Design, we believe in transforming everyday spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries. Our latest endeavor exemplifies this philosophy with a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and functional design. This project began with our clients’ vision of turning their outdated and cluttered bathroom into a sleek, storage-efficient haven that exudes tranquility and elegance.

Challenges and Design Journey

When we first encountered the Urban Bamboo Bathroom, it was clear that significant changes were needed. The space was burdened by an outdated design that no longer suited our clients’ preferences. With limited storage and oversized fixtures dominating the room, the bathroom lacked the serene ambiance our clients desired.

Our design process began with a collaborative approach, focusing on maximizing the existing layout and integrating smart storage solutions. This allowed us to enhance functionality while maintaining a budget-friendly approach. The transformation of the Urban Bamboo Bathroom is a testament to our commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Maximizing Existing Layout

To keep costs manageable, we creatively utilized the existing layout. This decision allowed us to avoid the expensive and disruptive process of relocating plumbing and electrical systems. Instead, we invested in high-end finishes that truly elevated the space.

Focusing on High-Impact Changes

By retaining the original layout and focusing on impactful upgrades, we balanced budget considerations with the desire for a luxurious, modern finish.

Custom Designed Bamboo Vanity

Featuring a custom double vanity with a flat panel horizontal bamboo grain in a frappe stained finish. The warm-toned bamboo vanity provides sustainable beauty and ample storage space.

Polished Quartz Countertop

The polished quartz countertop in the Odina finish introduces a touch of luxury with its Calacatta-inspired design. Soft yet striking, Calacatta inspired Odina embodies the perfect blend of greys on a soft white base to create a warm and luxurious space.

Large Format Porcelain Floor Tiles

Selecting 24×24 sized porcelain tiles from the Mas De Provence Collection in Cloud finish for the bathroom floor are the perfect tone to add depth and warm to the space. The floor tiles extend seamlessly into the shower floor. The Mas de Provence collection combines the warmth of traditional materials with immaculate contemporary design.

Calacatta-Style Wall Tiles

The large format Calacatta like porcelain tiles incorporated in the shower walls continue on both north and south bathroom walls to create stunning visual focal points. Adding elegance and texture to the room. These 20×40 tiles from the North White Collection capture the tranquil essence of the Northern Lights, complementing the bathroom’s serene atmosphere. The subtle veins are soft and delicate as they flow across the surface.

Matte Black Accents

The Purist® wall-mount lavatory faucet with lever handles in a matte black finish contributes to the bathroom’s minimalist aesthetic. The convenient wall-mount design provides a clutter-free countertop in your bathroom. The custom shower enclosure features a matte black 2-way thermostatic and pressure balance shower faucet with rainhead and handheld options. It is complemented by modern functionality provided by a linear shower drain.

Vanity Mirror and Light Fixture

A framed matte black vanity mirror with curved edges adds softness and mirrors the organic patterns found in the shower faucets. The Aiden 2-Light Fixture further enhances the space with its contemporary design and functional lighting.

Enhanced Atmosphere and Client Satisfaction

The thoughtful integration of these elements creates an atmosphere of openness and tranquility in the Urban Bamboo Bathroom. Our clients are delighted with the transformation, remarking on the newfound spaciousness and serene ambiance that surpass their expectations. The Urban Bamboo Bathroom project stands as a testament to our ability to reimagine spaces and deliver exceptional results. It’s more than just a bathroom; it’s a tranquil retreat that brings a touch of nature into the heart of the city, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

At Essence Designs, we are dedicated to creating personalized environments that blend style with practicality. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your space into a sanctuary that exceeds your expectations.

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Floor Tiles – Euro Tile & Stone
Mas De Provence – Cloud 24 x 24

Wall Tiles – Euro Tile & Stone
North – White 20 x 40

Shower Faucet
RiobelPro Shower Kit

Vanity – Kitchen Craft
Summit Horizontal Bamboo – Frappe

Paint Colour
Benjamin Moore – Pale Oak OC-20

Lavatory Faucet
Kohler Purist Collection

Hanstone – Odina

Vanity Light
Hinkley Aiden Wall Sconce

Elegant Lighting – 24 x 40

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