Timeless and Tranquil Bathroom Design

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In our Timeless & Tranquil Bathroom design project, we have transformed this bathroom with a simple yet elegant design that stands the test of time, creating a calming and inviting space where style meets practicality.

This harmonious design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about creating a welcoming, calming sanctuary. A well-designed bathroom should seamlessly combine style and practicality, offering you a space to unwind and rejuvenate. We would like to present our Timeless & Tranquil Bathroom design project and explore the design elements that can turn an outdated space into a beautiful new space.

How to Maximize Impact without Layout Changes

Changing your bathroom’s layout isn’t always needed for a stunning transformation. Opting to retain the original configuration while updating the aesthetics through timeless choices can be a budget-friendly strategy. This main bathroom project has been updated with classic white cabinetry, wall-mounted lavatory faucets, and textured porcelain tiles, all beautifully complemented by brushed nickel fixtures.

Custom Vanity and Quartz Countertop

Within a limited floorplan, our redesign of this bathroom had to include ample storage. The careful pairing of a custom vanity with full-height linen towers, and quartz countertop, achieves not only practical storage solutions but also a cohesive and timeless aesthetic in this thoughtfully designed bathroom. 

The classic flat panel door style is timeless and elegant. The Silestone Miami Vena quartz countertop with its neutral design characterized by light, veined tones on a pure white base, effortlessly enhances the classic ambiance of the bathroom. Our neutral and timeless paint choice, Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White, not only exudes enduring sophistication but also brings a subtle touch of brightness to the space. 

Choosing A Tile Palette for Timeless Appeal

Our thoughtful tile selection takes center stage in this bathroom design. Featuring a selection of various textures and patterns in soft silver tones of natural travertine. This collection skillfully fuses aesthetics and practicality. The outcome is a classic aesthetic that withstands the passage of time, adding enduring elegance to your design.

By avoiding the use of different tile collections, the design remains captivating without becoming overly busy, achieving a balanced and visually appealing aesthetic.

Timeless tile palette

Elegant Brushed Nickel Plumbing Fixtures

We have chosen a refined brushed nickel finish, from the Kohler Purist Collection, with wall-mounted widespread lavatory faucets and a shower/tub faucet. The sink faucet, featuring a 90-degree angle spout and convenient lever handles, ensures effortless operation. Opting for a wall-mount design, not only enhances aesthetics but also provides a clutter-free countertop in your bath or powder room.

We have kept the look unified and sophisticated in the shower space. The trim includes a lever handle, spout, and showerhead, all harmoniously blending for a contemporary aesthetic. To maintain your desired water temperature amidst pressure fluctuations, pair this trim with a Rite-Temp® pressure-balancing valve featuring a convenient push-button diverter.

purist faucet detail
purist shower kit detail

Thoughtful Lighting Solutions

In a space with no natural lighting, strategic lighting solutions were chosen to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. To ensure a well-lit grooming and makeup area, recessed pot lights were installed, complemented by a wall sconce above the vanity. This thoughtful combination provides both task-specific illumination and overall lighting, creating a balanced ambiance.

Alcove spaces can easily become dim without adequate lighting. Through thoughtful design, we have incorporated a light source above the shower and tub. Beyond functionality, this deliberate choice also enhances the visual appeal, particularly when textured wall tiles are part of the design. The interplay of light not only ensures a well-lit environment but also accentuates the intricate textural details of the selected tiles, creating a captivating and visually dynamic effect.

Simple and thoughtful interior design choices can turn a basic bathroom into a cozy retreat. We hope this journey sparks your ideas for making your bathroom uniquely yours – functional, stylish, and wonderfully personal.

Get in touch with Essence Designs today, and let our expert team of designers bring your dream bathroom to life. From concept to creation, we’re committed to making your space uniquely yours. Don’t wait – reach out now and embark on the journey to your dream bathroom!

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Floor Tiles – Euro Tile & Stone
Stream Silver 24 x 24

Vanity Faucet
Kohler Purist Collection

Shower Wall Tiles – Euro Tile & Stone
Stream Silver Surfaces 4 x 24

Cabinetry Finish
BM Decorators White CC-20

Shower/Tub Faucet
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