A new offer for our clients!

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photographer: Laura Kelly; location: Terzetto Homes

Over the last year, we have noticed that some clients are looking for more design guidance and assistance with furniture selections, placement, and floor plan layout.

Does this sound like something you are struggling with?

If you require a little more interior design assistance than a one-time in-home design consultation, we recommend selecting our Design Consultation Interiors Package.

If you purchase this design service, we will prepare a complete electronic design concept specifically curated for your interior space.

What’s included?

  • 1 ½ hour in-person consultation
  • Dimensioned floor plan with key furniture placement & layout (including one revision)
  • Concept style board with key furniture suggestions
  • Includes specifications and pricing for key furnishings from local suppliers and vendors
  • Furniture inspiration mood board
  • Colour palette
  • Design Ideas

All delivered to your inbox within weeks of your initial design consultation!

​How to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

You can book your initial design consultation directly by selecting the link provided below.

Click here to book your consultation today

We Still Offer 1 and 2-hour Design Consultations

Don’t worry – we still offer one-time in-home Design Consultation.

You can book your design consultation with a member of the Essence Designs team to discuss design solutions as well as review your project in more detail. This way, we can help you with all those tricky design questions you have and help get you started on your interior design project.

What’s included?

  • Proposed design ideas and solutions for your interior project
  • Recommendations on furniture layout and arrangement (does not include floor plans)
  • General suggestions for furnishings and accessories
  • Suggested colour schemes
  • Styling tips and advice
  • Local vendors and places to shop

You can choose to book a virtual or in-home design consultation directly by selecting the links provided below.

Click here to book your consultation today

Before your Design Consultation

We recommend that you have a list of the topics or questions you would like to address. Obtain samples of some of the materials that you are considering if you’d like assistance narrowing selections. Inspirational images or concepts of your vision or what you’d like to achieve, etc. Essentially, any information you can provide so we can give you as much information and design solutions to get you headed in the right direction for your project.

Contact us Today

We can answer any questions about booking your design consultation or which options are best suited for your needs, please feel free to give us a call, send us an email or fill out our contact form.

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