Tips for An Effortless Condo Renovation

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Tips for An Effortless Condo Renovation

What it’s like to Renovate in a Condo

Renovating your condo can really transform your space by bringing the design up to date and allowing you to express your own personal style. Here are some Tips for An Effortless Condo Renovation. Unlike a freehold home, a condominium is a common building, therefore condo and property management rules must be followed during the renovation. These rules must be taken into consideration when you are planning and executing your renovation.

These rules are detailed and will vary in each building. Some of these rules that will affect your renovation may be the following:

  • Hours of work – typically hours of work are daytime hours and work may not be permitted on weekends. When hiring contractors, they must be available to work during these hours. Overtime may also be limited because evening hours are not permitted.
  • Code Requirements – the condo rules will indicate if tradespeople must be certified and insured. If so, this documentation will need to be obtained from the tradesperson, provided to, and approved by the property management.
  • Cleanliness – It needs to be stated in writing for contractors that the clean-up of common areas outside the entry door of the unit must be cleaned up at the end of each workday. Typically, renovation debris cannot be disposed of at the condo garbage site so this must also be stated to the contractors hired.
  • Deliveries – If you plan on ordering your products and materials in advance, you will need to inquire as to whether or not the supplier will deliver to the unit. Most suppliers will deliver curbside only. You will need to make alternative arrangements to bring the supplies to your unit.
  • Noise Complaints – Renovations are quite noisy, and noise carries to other units. Even when working within the hours designated by the condo rules, it is disruptive to other owners and neighbors may complain regardless of the rules. It is a good practice to advise the surrounding unit owners of the timeline for the renovation, so they know what to expect.
  • Elevator Booking – removing demolition debris, bringing in large building materials, and delivery of large items require booking the elevator. The property management will likely require advance notice and timeslots may already be booked. This requires planning and flexibility.
  • Extended Timelines – due to some of these constraints as mentioned above (e.g., elevators, permitted hours of work, waiting for approvals) a condo renovation may result in extended timelines. As an example, a typical kitchen renovation can take approximately 6-8 weeks. If this renovation is conducted in a condo, the renovation can take an additional 1-2 weeks due to the restricted timelines.

It’s very exciting when you decide to embark on a renovation in your condo. Updating your condo with your vision will bring you enjoyment and will be well worth the investment.

However, when taking this step, it is important that the above factors are taken into consideration when taking on a significant renovation. You need to be aware of these additional rules and regulations that are specific to condo renovations so you are not taken by surprise when you encounter these challenges when the renovation has started.

All these extra factors that need to be taken into consideration will affect, not only the timelines but costs as well.

Some renovators will charge a higher cost specifically for condo renovations due to the extra time spent each day to set up their equipment as well as the extended timeline of the overall project. You may even encounter a challenge finding a contractor to complete the renovation as some will not take on work in a condo for these additional challenges.

If you want your condo renovation project to run effortlessly, it is important to have everything planned well in advance.

Ensure you have all the aspects clearly thought out and planned for before you begin your renovation. Remember, condo renovations can be a little challenging but absolutely feasible. We are offering some helpful advice to make your renovation easier keeping in mind the above-mentioned criteria and suggestions.

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