Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

How do you determine which style of kitchen cabinets is right for your project when there are so many options available?

Your Guide to Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinets

I truly believe that the design process should be exciting, fun, and most -importantly, stress-free! I take the time to listen to and understand my clients. I want to make sure that you feel well taken care of during the design process and well into the renovation. When it comes to any interior design project it is going to be overwhelming. That is why I’m here – to help you.

I know that there are many choices, style options, and decisions that you will need to make with your design project and that it can become all-consuming and stressful. My clients need help and guidance to get them started on their design projects. ​Every client and project scope is unique, however, the design services required for each project follow the same design process.

If you want to learn all about my personalized design process you can visit my website here.

Design Guides & Resources

I have created a variety of guides and resources to help you with all your interior design projects. For more information and to download my design guides and resources, you can find a complete list here!

In the meantime, I have included one design guide that I know is important for anyone who is planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation!

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have been through a kitchen renovation, you might know how difficult it is to select your cabinets.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking these questions:

  1. What door style do I choose?
  2. Why are there 5 different colours of white?
  3. What is the difference between a thermofoil and painted door style?
  4. Why is this cabinet door more expensive than this one – they look the same?
  5. Why is this so expensive?

Am I right? I get it. Trust me! I have this conversation each time I am working on a kitchen design. There are many different styles of cabinetry and each one has its own characteristics, features, and price range. This is why I have created this guideline to help you determine which type of cabinet is best suited for you.

On average, kitchen cabinetry is the largest expense of your renovation, so it is best to determine your total renovation budget before you start researching kitchen cabinetry. You will also require a millwork design to obtain an accurate estimate. This is when you decide to invest in hiring a designer to help guide you through the entire design process!

Melamine Cabinets

  • Fabricated by heat-sealing a substrate such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood between paper saturated with thermally fused melamine resin
  • Available in flat door and drawer styles only
  • Edges are square
  • The most cost-effective options
  • Entry-level pricing

Thermofoil Cabinets

  • Fabricated using a thin layer of vinyl that is vacuum-pressed onto cabinet doors and drawer fronts, typically constructed of MDF.
  • Available in a variety of door and drawer profiles.
  • No seams as the substrate is one-piece
  • Cost-effective alternative to a painted MDF cabinet door.
  • Edges are rounded
  • One of the more cost-effective options
  • Entry to mid-level pricing.

Painted Wood

  • Fabricated by painting a 5-piece wood door profile*. Typically, on a Maple substrate
  • Flat painted finish.
  • Door profile seams will expand and contract and will become visible over time
  • Available in a variety of door and drawer profiles.
  • Cost varies based on the species of wood
  • Mid-level pricing.

Painted MDF

  • Fabricated by painting an MDF/HDF door profile
  • Perfect for those who aren’t a fan of the character marks common to stained wood cabinets and instead prefer a smooth, flawless finish
  • Available in a variety of door and drawer profiles.
  • One of the more expensive options
  • High-end pricing

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