How To Select The Right Area Rug

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Selecting Area Rug

I am here to help you navigate the overwhelm when it comes to your interior design project by providing you with the interior design guidance and information you need to help you make those overwhelming decisions, such as selecting the right area rug. I know there are so many styles, options, and choices in the design industry and it can become consuming.

Most of my clients need help and guidance to get them started on their design projects. ​Every client and design project scope is unique, however, the design services and processes required for each of my clients are the same. If you want to learn all about my personalized design process click here.

Design Guides & Resources

I have created a variety of guides and resources to help you with your home interior design projects. For more information and to download the design guides and resources, you can find a complete list here!

This particular guide is one of the most helpful design guides that I think everyone can use. How to choose the right area rug!

How to Select the Right Area Rug

I get a lot of questions from my clients who have a difficult time trying to figure out the appropriate size of area rug they should purchase for their space. Whether that is for their living room, bedroom, and dining room – YES – you can put an area rug in your dining room! I know – Fantastic!

One of the most common mistakes when buying an area rug is choosing a size that is too small for your space. If you are unsure, why not tape it out on the floor? This way you can really see and visualize what it looks like. This ‘tip’ can also be applied to furniture pieces as well.

I always recommend that you determine the appropriate size rug based on your furniture configuration, not on your room size. A great guideline to determine the best size of an area rug is to always consider the furniture placement over the room size.

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