How to Create a Productive Home Office

Today’s technology has created a “work from anywhere” mentality, which has made a home office seem unnecessary to aspiring business people. But health and efficiency experts agree that people who want to be most effective while working from home should consider how their environment can influence productivity. That’s why setting up a designated workspace is so essential.

For example, avoiding family traffic areas is a must. If you can’t dedicate a room as an office, at least create a space you can isolate, even it if means simply converting a sizeable closet into an alcove with a small desk.

Maintaining a functional workspace is also important. Ensure you have good lighting, and adequality clear desktop, and ergonomic chair, and handy storage for files and support materials. Once you have the essentials, spend a little time embellishing your area with creature comforts that help you relax, such as photos of loved ones, a vacation postcard, art and accessories.

If you have a big enough space and budget, consider an invigorating colour scheme, and functional furnishings such as an adjustable-height desk that lets you sit or stand, a meeting table, and a guest chair or lounger that compliments your décor.

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