Looking for The Perfect Accent Chair?

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Does Your Accent Chair Make a Statement?

Incorporating an accent chair in your home decor is a great way for you to spruce up any room and it’s a fun way for you to make a statement! Today I’m going to share with you some tips on how you can easily bring a pop of personality to your space.

Choosing an accent chair in a different color or a fun fabric can bring a pop of personality to your space. To determine if an accent chair is the right choice for your space you want to considers the following design elements:

  • Style
  • Function
  • Aesthetic

I think an accent chair should be the one item of furniture that you are able to go a little crazy with.

Choose something unexpected.  Choose an accent chair that shows off your personality and your unique design tastes. For instance, the accent chair featured in the above video makes an impact and it’s also comfortable. It is a piece of furniture that is different than what you’d expect to see in an office.

All the main pieces, like the office desk and the wall are in a neutral colour, therefore the patterned accent chair is the focal point of the room and the pop of colour the space needs.

Ultimately, you want to have fun and choose an accent chair that not only emphasizes your space, but emphasizes who you are.

So, tell me… What will your accent chair say about you?

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