Exterior Home Design Inspiration & Tips

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Here are my exterior home design inspiration and tips such as personalizing your front door, spraying your hardware and more.

Personalize Your Front Door

A painted front door is all about personality! It creates a look that grabs attention and adds character to any home. Remember, the front door is also the first thing people see when arriving to your home. This important feature is also something that homeowners tend to overlook.

Did you know that updating the colour of your front door adds to your home’s curl appeal? All that is required is one quart of paint, primer and standard painting supplies that you have at home.

Exterior Inspiration

Adding the right shade of colour can add sophistication or elegance to the front of your home. It will make your entrance look more inviting and friendly. Remember, choose a colour that suits your home and your personal style. Pick colours that complement the exterior colours of your home. Think about what works with the brick or framing of your home. What looks good with the architectural features and details of the exterior?

Classic green, red and black are the default go-to colours. Why not choose something different? Think outside the box. That way your front door will stand out!

You can choose bold colours for exterior doors. Since paint fades over time due to the sun and exterior elements, it’s okay to choose a shade that is brighter than what you would normally choose for the interior of your home.

Below are just a few examples of some colourful front doors. Hopefully this will inspire you to paint your front door.

How to Paint Your Door

It is pretty simple to paint your front door. All you need are basic paint supplies, patience and a beautiful sunny day – it will help speed up the drying process. You will need to make sure you clean and prep the door before you prime and paint. Remember to get the proper primer and paint that is specifically used for exterior doors. Always ask a paint specialist to ensure to have the right product.

Source: Home Depot

Spray Your Hardware

If you are not enthused about spending $150 purchasing brand-new hardware for your front door, why not spray paint it? It is a more cost-effective solution if you already like the style of your hardware and it only needs a little freshening up.

All you need is a little steel wool, liquid deglosser, rags and spray paint of your choice.

You will need to dull the surface with the steel wool and remove any excess oils from the hardware with the deglosser before you are able to paint it. Ask your local paint store specialist which products are best to use on your hardware.   It’s best to do this outdoors due to all the fumes.

I hope this has given you some exterior home design inspiration and ideas for you to come up with some colourful ways you can update your exterior front door. Looking for residential design services? Explore my services right here.

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