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I am pleased to provide you with the second installment from Ottawa General Contractors’ 5 part guest blog series on “Homes of the Future”. When you think of future homes, you probably think of sleek designs and seamless technologies that can be activated with a simple touch or movement. However, such things are already available today! Technology companies have been developing amazing gadgets and systems that are designed to add more luxury and convenience to homeowner’s lives. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most handy, affordable, and easy-to-use home technology products.


Home Technology - Nest

(Source: Central Air Tampa Bay)

Nest is a “smart” thermostat, one that learns the preferred temperature of your household at different times of the day and during different activities. Not only is it sleek in its look, it can also be controlled right from your phone even when you’re away from home. No more annoyingly complicated programming or constant fiddling. Just an intuitive system that adapts to your family’s needs. Because Nest learns when to heat and when to cool, you can save 20% or more on your energy bills. If all of this didn’t already make Nest supremely convenient, the long list of products and brands it can work in conjunction with certainly does.


Home Technology - Hue

(Source: Desire This)

Hue is a system of smart LED light bulbs, an app, and a control panel that all work in conjunction to add customized levels of light and color to your home. The system can be personalized to intensify or change the colors of lights at certain times, acting as natural transitioners for waking up and going to bed, or a reminder for cooking or your favorite TV show. Hue can also adapt to the weather, your activities, and even work with your home’s security system.


Home Technology - Piper

(Source: Get Piper)

Piper is a new kind of security system. One with no monthly fees, contracts, or installation. It provides you with a fully customizable program that keeps your house safe and you aware. Set up personalized alerts through the phone app, and watch surveillance video when you’re away. Video is also recorded if there is ever a security breach so that you get the evidence you need. Piper can also be configured to control certain appliances in your home. This includes lights, and monitor the stats of your home environment throughout the day.

Read our next post to learn more about the futuristic home technology and designs that are making houses cutting-edge! Contact one of our expert contractors to see technology be incorporated into your home.

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