5 Easy Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

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Easy Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas Blog Post

It is that time of year… Halloween! I know there are a lot of people out there whose favourite holiday is Halloween.  They enjoy going all out and decorating their homes in terrifying ghosts and ghouls. Personally, I prefer to keep things more on the traditional and non-scary side. I love to use pumpkins, flowers, branches, hay and cornstalks to create my Halloween outdoor theme. Below I’ve included 5 easy outdoor Halloween decor ideas to help inspire you if you are having difficulty coming up with your Halloween theme.

5 Non-Carving Pumpkin Ideas

I think my favourite part about Halloween is determining what I am going to carve into my pumpkin. I usually choose three pumpkins [yes – keeping within the rule of three] and think very carefully about what I will select. Then choosing the perfectly shaped pumpkin to carve can be tricky. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to take my time.  The pumpkin has to sit just right in order to see my carving when you walk up my front step.

One year I carved the faces of the Nightmare Before Christmas.  I had chosen white pumpkins that year.  Those turned out really well. Last year, unfortunately, I did not have the time to carve my pumpkins.  It takes a long time depending on the stencil and how detailed you want to get.

This got me thinking that if I don’t have the time, then how do all the busy moms out there find the time. There are so many cute and fun options out there to decorate your pumpkins that do not involve carving which can be a huge time saver: glitter, rope, paint, push pins, and much more. Below I’ve included 5 fun non-carving pumpkin decorating ideas that will be sure to get a reaction from all those trick or treaters!

Halloween Haunting Activities

This is the time of year that you need to take advantage of all the haunted houses, hayrides and events that Ottawa has to offer. Here are a list of some of the fun Halloween haunts and activities, for both adults and children, that you can take part in. There are lots of options if you like to get your Scare On!

Haunted Walk Halloween Season

The Haunted Walk offers a variety of historical walking tours in Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto. Known for evening tours of local ghost stories and darker history. The Tour guides wear cloaks and carry a lantern as they lead their groups through the city telling ghost stories. $18.75 Adult

Incident at the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure

An interactive adventure through the Cold War Museum with the undead. $18.75 Adult

“On a dark and stormy night in October of 1992, a group of scientists gathered in the depths of the Diefenbunker in the hopes of making the latest scientific breakthrough. The terrifying event that happened next has never been disclosed to the public – until now – 20 years later. Using the latest in time-travel technology, we will journey back to that night and discover the bunker’s most shocking secret.”

Haunted Carnival Ottawa (October 31)

Hollywood Halloween spectacle with special guests Brody Jenner, Scott Disick and Audrina Patridge.

“The Haunted Carnival is a unique, exciting and upscale event that will offer a Halloween experience unlike any other across Canada. The event blends the excitement and elegance of a Hollywood Halloween spectacle with mystique and decor of travelling carnivals from long ago.”

Ottawa Convention Centre. Proceeds go to the Ottawa Sens Foundation $70 Adult

Haunting Season at Saunders Farm (Munster)

Fright Fest Saunders Scream Park (12+). 5 Fright Sites: Barn of Terror, Camp Slaughter, The Shambles, Haunted Hayride, and Graveyard Zone. Family fun in the daytime such as: Puppet Shows, Cedar Hedge Maze, Mile Maze, and much more. Prices vary

Pumpkinferno (Upper Canada Village)

Over 6,000 hand-carved pumpkins set against a stirring night-time backdrop just inside the gates of historic Upper Canada Village. See story book heroes, mythical characters, cultural icons and more …. all carved from pumpkins! This mesmerizing installation of artist-inspired, glowing pumpkins is a not-to-be-missed event for ALL ages! $10 Children/ $13 Adult

Spooky Wagon Ride at Cannamore Orchard (Chesterville)

The Spooky Wagon Rider includes a fun filled time exploring all the attractions and enjoying the activites such as the Spooky Village, Kid’s Spooky House, The Fog Maze and The House of Terror. $20 Children/Adult

Haunt Nights at Watson’s Mill (Manotick)

Tour of the haunted Mill. Haunt Nights – Thu, October 23, 8pm to Sat, October 25, 10pm

Trick or Treat with Mayor Jim Watson

An evening of Halloween fun in support of the Ottawa Food Bank’s Baby Supply Cupboard. Items in need: diapers, baby wipes, formula and baby food.

How Do You Like to Decorate for Halloween?

After you’ve read the blog I’d love to know… Tell us what scary Halloween activities you like to take part in? Thank you, as always, for reading and sharing. P.S. If you have a design question or a topic that you would like me to cover, please leave a comment or send me an email.  I would love to hear from you!

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