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Facts You Should Know About Your Renovation

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Now that Christmas and New Years are well in the past and you have had time to pay off all those credit card bills; it’s time to start preparing for that renovation that you have been planning.

If you are planning on doing any renovations for this spring or summer, you’ll want to start planning and reaching out to contractors to obtain estimates NOW!

The best contractors are booking projects well into April and May – so you better get moving.

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Blending Art with Functional Design to Create a Beautiful Home

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I am pleased to provide you with the fourth installment from Ottawa General Contractors’ 5 part guest blog series on “Homes of the Future” here at Simpson Design+Decor.

Don’t forget to check back at the beginning of January…  I have some exicting things lined up in 2015!


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Until recent years, most home designs have been geared toward practicality rather than creativity or style. Such designs can be made more interesting through masterful interior decorating, but they are still no match for the power of innately beautiful structures. When looking at futuristic home designs, it’s easy to see that many are intended to be as artful as they are functional. In this edition of Homes of the Future, we’re taking a look at an amazing home that could double as a museum sculpture.

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Homes of the Future (part 1)

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I am happy to announce that Ottawa General Contractors will be providing a 5 part guest blog series on “Homes of the Future” here at Simpson Design+Decor.

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Home Renovations today to Achieve a futuristic custom home

Author: Ronald Mort

In recent years, the future we often see represented in science fiction movies seems to be getting closer and closer. With the advent of Google Glass and its self-driving car, as well as the development of internet-connected home appliances, the lifestyle of “The Jetsons” is becoming more and more realistic. Technology is changing and upgrading everything about our world, and notably, our homes.

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