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Virtual Design Consultation

Do you need some help with your home design projects? Looking for help to decide where to start or some styling tips?

You can book a virtual design consultation session up to 60 minutes where I can provide you with professional advice on your design project to get you started in the right direction.

How it works:

  1. Schedule a 15-minute initial conversation to discuss
    • your design requirements
    • important information we need from you
    • payment
    • book consultation
  2. You will be asked to send us photos of your existing space as well as some of the items you’d like to discuss
  3. Virtual Online Design Consultation
  4. You will receive detailed notes from our Virtual Design Consultation

We will discuss:

  • Your design style and aesthetic
  • Your vision
  • Recommendations on furniture layout and arrangement
  • Suggestions for furnishings and accessories
  • Suggested colour schemes
  • Styling tips and advice
  • Local vendors and places to shop

Rate $150/hr

*please note that virtual online design consultation does not include floor plans, style boards, renderings or detailed shopping lists.

Virtual Design Package

7 Easy Steps to Your Dream Interior

1)     Initial Call

Schedule a 15-minute initial conversation to discuss:

  • your design requirements
  • important information we need from you
  • payment

2)     Collect payment

After the initial 15-minute call, we will send you the invoice for payment to commence the design process based on the scope of your project

3)     Fill out the design questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire to complete which will provide detail about you and your project.

4)     Provide Measurements

We will ask you to provide us with accurate measurements of your room including:

  • overall room measurements
  • size and location of all windows and doors
  • furniture to be included in the design

5)     Provide Photos

You will be asked to provide us with pictures of your existing room with any items that you wish to include in your design concept

Send us up to 5 inspiration images of your dream space

6)     We Get to Work

During the next two to three weeks, we will get to work on your tailored design project including providing a detailed floor plan, 3D rendering, concept style board, and shopping list

7)     1hr Virtual Concept Presentation

During our 1-hour virtual design meeting, we will review the 3D concept and suggested product selections for review and prepare revisions before sending you the final design package.

How it works

  1. Initial meeting to review your project scope and requirements
  2. You will need to provide us with dimensions and images
  3. We get to work preparing your design concept
  4. Virtual meeting to review the concept, receive feedback and prepare revisions
  5. Final Design Concept

What’s Included

  • Floor Plan Layout
  • 3D Rendering
  • Concept Style Board
  • Inspiration Images
  • Shopping/Product List

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Testimonials .

  • One of the best online deals I have bought! We are planning to use her services in the future. She is awesome and very professional. Thank you Dawn!

    Stephanie C.