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Welcome! I’m Dawn.

I am here to help you navigate the overwhelm when it comes to your interior design project by providing you with the interior design guidance and information you need to help you make those overwhelming decisions. I know there are so many styles, options, and choices in the design industry and it can become consuming.

Most of my clients need help and guidance to get them started on their design projects. ​Every client and design project scope is unique, however, the design services and processes required for each of my clients are the same.

That is why I have created this list of guidelines and resources to help you with all of your home interior design projects.



How to Select the Right Area Rug

How to Choose the Right Cabinet Style – coming soon



Kitchen Design Worksheet

Bathroom Design Worksheet

Addition Design Worksheet

Contractor Checklist


For more details on my personalized design process and a complete list of the design services I offer, you can find a full breakdown here!

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