Creating a Garden that Endures

April showers bring May flowers!

Whether you have an expensive yard or a confined balcony, following a few simples planting guidelines will ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your garden.

The first thing you need to consider is selecting the appropriate plants and flowers that is best suited to your specific location. For instance, take sunlight, soil and hydration into careful consideration. Even in a small space, an automatic irrigation system can give you wider range of options without the need to worry about being on regular manual duty.

Next, consider the effect you want to achieve, in terms of height, shape, texture and colour. Plant in bulk numbers for maximum impact. Group plants in threes or fives or if you have more room multiples of odd numbers to create broad swathes of colour. Some of the most arrangements are combinations of colourful foliage and multiple heights.

Consider choosing easy-to-care-for options that add visual drama and interesting focal points, that will also form a good sound backdrop to any planting scheme.

Finally, spend time selecting your plants carefully; read labels and thoroughly research plant/soil type suitability, and you will be rewarded.


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