It is essential for homeowners to ensure that fire safety is top-of-mind at all time.

An all-encompassing approach should include steps for preventing, detecting, extinguishing and escaping potential fires.

Fire safety prevention entails careful monitoring of any ignition procedures, whether it’s in the kitchen, utility room, workshop or garage, and ensuring that any active flame is never left unattended. As well, fire safety prevention should include making firesafe decisions when buying renovation materials, appliances, drapery, upholstery and mattresses.

As for detection, there are various types of alarms to consider. Be mindful that all battery-operated alarms should have their batteries replaced twice a year. A helpful tip is to schedule reminders in your calendar every January and June for such important tasks.

TIP: If renovating or building a new home, you need to ensure you meet the OBC requirements for smoke alarms.


Fire extinguishers, of course, can limit costly damage and prevent a small fire from getting out of control. Strategically place a fire extinguisher in key locations throughout your house. Be sure each extinguisher is designed for the type of fire it is designed to extinguish (i.e. A, B or C grade fires). As with all safety equipment, check that operational dates are not expired. If you’re ever unsure invest in a new one.

Ontario Fire Department Fire Protection Standard – City of Ontario

Finally, every household member needs to know multiple exit paths in case of fire, especially from above or below entrance level or ground floor. Be sure to designate a safe meeting area as part of your escape plan, and have a fire drill and/or conversation about it once a year.

TIP: If adding a basement bedroom, you need to ensure you meet the OBC requirements for egress windows and doors.


What are your home fire safety precaution?

Do you have an escape plan for your family?


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