What’s Hot In 2014 & 2015 Kitchen Designs

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It is officially September! The kids have gone back to school and everyone is back at work from their summer holidays. Everyone starts to think about getting back to their home projects as well as what renovation needs to be completed before the Christmas Holidays. This time of year is when renovators and kitchen designers are very busy. I thought it would be fitting to touch on what trends we are seeing within the kitchen design industry for 2014 to 2015.

Joe and Tania Palazzolo of Jota Designs Inc. are my go-to kitchen designers! I have been working with Jota Designs Inc. since I began my design career and I can say they are the best in the industry. Joe has taught me everything I know when it comes to kitchen design.

I think the reason why Joe, Tania and I work so well together is that we are on the same page when it comes to how to best serve our customers. Plus the fact that we all studied Industrial Design doesn`t hurt either – a common bond we share. Interesting fact about Joe – he used to design cars! How cool is that!?

The design trends that I’m going to be discussing today have been seen in different areas of the world over the last few years. They are just starting to become more popular in the Ottawa area. The design trends listed below will be on trend in Ontario by 2015. 2016, depending on what area of Ontario you are residing.

Light Finishes

Lighter cabinetry finishes are becoming more popular within the industry. Colours such as: cream, off-white, white, and greys. We are seeing this trend more often in different geographies, locations, and demographics. Toronto, Montreal and now Ottawa.

Due to this trend, companies are beginning to offer more finishes in this colour palette. An example would be delicate grey or misty white. The finishes that are becoming slightly more popular are the lighter finishes available in a high gloss. Specifically high gloss laminates with horizontal or vertical grain finishes. Don`t worry – the darker finishes are still somewhat popular. We are still seeing cabinetry sold in the cappuccino finishes. The preference these days seems to be leaning more towards lighter finishes.

Textured Grains

This is a new trend that we are started to see more frequently in Ontario. Laminate cabinetry doors with textured grain as oppose to the visual grain that we have seen in the past. The difference is that you can actually feel the texture of the grain on the cabinet door, whereas the others are simply a smooth grain-like finish.

Simplistic Styles

Ornate door styles are going out the window in exchange for door styles that are more simplistic in design. Customers want less detail. Door styles with raised center panels are being replaced with flat center panels. We are starting to see companies revamping their existing ornate door styles and updating those styles with more simplistic ones.

Removing all the added details and creating a similar style, only using more simple lines.

Contemporary Hardware

One of biggest changes in trends is that we are seeing more customers really taking the time to select their hardware. They are moving towards selecting contemporary styles. Now, there seems to be more options of contemporary style hardware for customers to choose from. Choosing the right style of hardware for your cabinetry is similar to selecting the right piece of jewelry for your outfit.

Even the orientation of installation can make a difference in the overall finishing touches of your kitchen. Will you install the hardware horizontally or vertically? Will your select different styles for your drawers and doors? Will you even add hardware?

Lead Lined Glass

Stain glass inserts for cabinet doors are pretty much nonexistent in the industry these days. Coming back as a trend are simplistic, lead lined glass inserts for cabinet doors. They compliment all types of door styles. What is fantastic about leaded cabinet glass inserts is that they can be completly customized! The options are endless.

Glass inserts can add a subtle or a dramatic flair to your cabinet doors. In some cases, your existing solid cabinet doors can be remodeled to incorporate a glass insert.

Horizontal Cabinets

Another huge trend we are seeing in kitchen design is horizontal upper cabinet doors that open from bottom to top. You will usually see these horizontal uppers installed on top of standard upper cabinets or stacked on top of each other. What are becoming really popular are bi-fold horizontal upper cabinets.

These cabinets look as though they are two separate cabinets, but in reality, they are one cabinet. The cabinet door just opens up as a bi-fold. This style of cabinetry is obviously for the more contemporary or modern style of kitchen.

Acrylic Doors

If you are looking for an exciting design with a modern vibe and a high gloss finish, why not choose acrylic cabinets. This is a truly Euro-inspired look. This style of cabinetry can come in a variety of vibrant colours to capture the essence of your personality.

You can mix acrylic doors with other materials. They are perfect to be paired with textured Melamines, Thermofoils and even horizontal woodgrains. You even have different options on how you can finish the edge of the door, such as: selecting another acrylic edge, stainless or aluminum. This will give a framed look to the cabinet doors. The only catch is that this is a very expensive option. And the reason why is because it’s a new trend.

Some of the Canadian companies that offer this new trend are: Luxor; Kitchen Craft, and Miralis.

Why You Should Hire a Designer

We are starting to see a growing trend where customers are asking for design details that are truly customized to their kitchen. Is this because people are trying to out-do each other with their kitchen design and show off? Customers want a distinct kitchen design that cannot be replicated. They want something truly one-of-a-kind that you cannot buy off the shelf.

Clients want something that they haven’t seen before: a stainless steel toe kick; cabinets in a different style from anything else out there; a custom designed backsplash; a custom table. The requests are endless. If you are looking for a custom detail, this has to be designed by consulting and working with a designer.

Having a background in Industrial Design provides Joe and Tania of Jota Designs Inc. a competitive edge within this industry. Jota Designs Inc. is able to work closely with customers to see their visions come to reality.

What’s Your Favourite Kitchen Design Trend?

Tell us if you are thinking about incorporating any of these trends into your kitchen design! Contact us today to make your one-of-a-kind design ideas come to fruition!

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