1. How long will it take to receive my online interior design package?

Depending on the scope of your interior design package, you will receive your package via email in approximately two (2) to six (6) weeks from receipt of your completed customer questionnaire, measurements (if required), and images. All online interior design packages are sent via email in a PDF downloaded and printable file.


2. How long will it take to receive my printed interior design package and samples?

It should take approximately two (2) to nine (9) days for your package and samples to arrive in the mail via Canada Post Ground after receiving your package via email. If you live outside of Canada, please go to the following link for shipping information.


3. How are you able to re-design my room without seeing it and meeting me in person?

Having access to the advances in technology that we have today, it has given us the opportunity to be able to work with clients over the internet.

In order for us to truly understand your design challenges and create a custom online interior design package, we will ask that you complete your customer questionnaire. We will ask you to complete, as best you can, a 4-6 page questionnaire; provide measurements (if required); images of your current space; and inspiration photos.

The more detailed information you can provide, the better we can understand your needs, challenges and style.


4. Am I able to include some of my existing furniture into the design plan?

Absolutely! This is one of the many challenges clients have. They are trying to figure out how to incorporate their existing furnishing into a new design. “Are there any items the MUST STAY and be worked into the design?” & “Are there any items that MUST GO?” are some of the questions asked in the cutomer questionnaire.


5. What if I have an open floor plan (Living & Dining Room), which online design package do I select?

The online design packages are priced based on square footage. Calculate the square footage (length x width) of your room and select the package that corresponds with the amount of square footage. (i.e. under 317sf = $500; over $320sf = $750).

In some cases, if both areas/rooms are large, you may be required to purchase an online design package for both rooms.

If you are having difficulty determining which package to select, please feel free to contact us at info@essencedesigns.ca and we will assist you with your purchase selection.


6. Do you work within the budget that was provided for the project?

Of course! We do our best to work within the budget that was provided if you indicate that it is an important requirement. That said, it all depends on the budget that was provided for the project scope and if it’s feasible within the scope of work requested.

Regardless of your budget, your online interior design package may include items such as an area rug, upholstery items, occasional tables, lighting, window treatments, etc.


7. What if I don’t like something that you have selected, will you make changes?

If there is an item where we have completely missed the mark, you may send us an email at info@essencedesigns.ca with your concerns and we will provide up to two alternative selections at no additional charge.

To ensure that we are on the mark with your design preferences, we will be sending you emails throughout the design process with options of chosen fabrics and furnishings, and you will select the one you prefer. This will ensure that we are on the right track during the design process.


8. Once I receive my online interior design package, am I able to contact you with questions?

After you receive your online design package and any revisions are completed (limit two (2) items per design), we have fulfilled our obligation for that specific project. However, if you do have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@essencedesigns.ca, and we will do our best to assist you.


9. Will I be able to purchase the items myself?

Yes! Each online interior design package includes a source list that will give you the details where you can purchase the items directly. We will specifically use home furnishing retailers that have an online presence for all online interior design packages (West Elm, Pier 1, Urban Barn, Pottery Barn, Joss & Main, Crate & Barrel, etc.).

It is about making is as easy as possible for you.


10. What if one of the items in my package is no longer available to purchase?

There is always the possibility that items become discontinued. You can always try to find something that is similar to the item that was selected in the package.

We would recommend that if you are considering purchasing an online interior design package, that you ensure you are financially and practically ready to implement the suggested design changes.

There are no guarantees that an item selected for the online interior design package today will be available for purchase in six month or a year from now.


11. Can I purchase an online design package as a gift?

Absolutely! The online interior design packages are great for a housewarming or birthday gifts.

After your purchase, please send an email to info@essencedesigns.ca explaining that you are purchasing it as a gift and we will send you a gift certificate via email.


12. What is the currency?

All online interior design packages are priced in Canadian Dollars.


13. I am able to get a refund?

Yes. Please see DISCLAIMER/REFUND for further details.