Cool Products for Your Home

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Innovative and unique product designs for the home – you either love them or hate them, am I right?!

As technology advances so do our homes. Most of us are used to everyday chores, however, that does not mean we cannot make those household chores more manageable and pleasant. Smart home products and gadgets have been steadily gaining more popularity for quite some time now.

Here are a few incredibly cool and innovative products that can bring your home to the next level. Of course, that is if you weren’t already aware of these cool products.

Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice from your hands-free home assistance device.

A fixture adapter to connect your favourite antique lamp to your whole-home command center, or its own remote-control switch. There is no need to replace any of your old fixtures when wanting to automate your home.

Ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and laminate flooring tiles, strips or planks that look and, in some cases, even feel like real hardwood. These products may be better suited for your lifestyle as they can withstand harsher usability and are more durable.

A wood treatment that penetrates new boards to make them look worn and tints them to a grey colour for an aged, weathered looking finish.

An air purifier that takes to your smartphone, reporting on your indoor air quality (IAQ) and telling you when it’s time to replace filters.

A countertop induction oven, about the size of a microwave, but with more precise and even cooking, regardless of your various meal components.

A robotic vacuum cleaner that you can control with your smartphone, so your floors are done before you get home!

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