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Hottest Interior Paint Colors of 2019

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Trending colors and ideas for using them in your home

Color experts at major paint manufacturers create paint colour palettes that help make it easier for you to choose the perfect paint colours for your home. Did you know that paint experts look at different industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, and fashion, and note trends from around the world to create these colour trends.

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March Colour Alert!

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In this month of March, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Tinted Whisper”!


“Tinted Whisper is a color that is but a breath, a subtle nuance, and indeed, a whisper. It is a color that gently leaves one season, and beckons another. A cool, color-influenced white, with hints of pink and blue, Tinted Whisper offers a soft transition of color no matter the approaching season.” – The Color Marketing Group.

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February Colour Alert!

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In this month of February, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Shim”!



“A pink for all! “Shim” is a no-definition, no-problem hue that expresses current times, as well as the future. Neither masculine, nor feminine, it exists as a balancing hue for any person, and any design, at any time of year. “Shim” is a subtle color that can play multiple roles, quiet enough for reflection, yet colorful enough to stand on its own.” – The Color Marketing Group.

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January Colour Alert!

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In this month of January, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Uni Blue”!



A hue with a sense of stability, timelessness and depth, “Uni Blue” emerges as a color to cross genders, generations and product lines. A deep, chromatic blue, Uni Blue transitions from cobalt to near-navy, providing a meaningful color that anyone can embrace. It is part of a color continuum that connects spaces, people and ideas, in life and in color. – The Color Marketing Group

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December Colour Alert!

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In this month of December, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Touch of Hope”!




An emerging pink with a simple, joyous spirit, “Touch of Hope” is a color of affirmation for every day, and every year, to come. Youthful, yet sophisticated, it embraces the subtle strength of modern femininity and adds a playful quality with a slightly retro edge. Touch of Hope offers an escape from technology and speed-racing through life. – The Color Marketing Group.


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November Colour Alert!

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In this month of November, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Equestrian“!


Classically inspired “Equestrian” embodies attributes desired by sporting enthusiasts and those that simply enjoy watching the game. A golden brown, reminiscent of tooled leather, it is at once rugged and luxurious, familiar and aspirational. Regal, elegant, earthy and reliable, “Equestrian” is a color that crosses borders, genders and bank accounts. – The Color Marketing Group

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October Colour Alert!

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In this month of October, The Color Marketing Group is celebrating the colour “Provocateur”!


As with a kiss from berry stained lips, “Provocateur” creates a dramatic, sensuous mark on the world of color. Inspired by powerful women, this is a commanding hue that is to be taken seriously, but is not too serious-minded. A knowing smile and sly glance are all it takes to make this a confident red. – The Color Marketing Group

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My 10 Favourite Activities about Autumn

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My-10-Favourite-Activities-about-AutumnSource: The Blush Blond

It is hard to believe that it’s already fall. Another summer is official over [sigh]. I know that there are some of you that are excited that it’s the season of woolly scarves, colourful falling leaves and you can’t forget PSLs (pumpkin spiced lattes)…

If I’m going to accept that summer has come to an end, I’m going to embrace fall and spend the next few months doing my favourite autumn activities like…

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5 Ideas to Create a Custom Headboard

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Do you feel that your bedroom needs a little change? A one-of a-kind headboard can make a bold statement which may be the solution you are looking for.

Not only does customizing your own headboard offer a low cost solution to updating your room,   it also makes a personal statement.

There are so many different ways to create a custom headboard. You can use fabrics, salvaged materials, paint, or found items. It all depends on your creativity, budget and your DIY capabilities.

Take a look at these 5 simple DIY headboard ideas listed below. I’ve also included some fantastic step-by-step tutorials.

Happy DIYing!

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