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Are you Making the Most of Your Home’s Functionality?

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Let’s face it, not everyone’s home is perfect. We all have certain areas in each of our homes that we feel could be better utilized and designed. Maybe it’s time for you to think long and hard about the house you have and its functionality and where you can make some much needed improvements.

If you are willing to ask yourself some of these important questions, you may find that a few simple renovations can make your home much more functional and livable.

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Cool Products for Your Home

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Innovative and unique product designs for the home – you either love them or hate them, am I right?!

As technology advances so do our homes. Most of us are used to everyday chores, however, that does not mean we cannot make those household chores more manageable and pleasant. Smart home products and gadgets have been steadily gaining more popularity for quite some time now.

Here are a few incredibly cool and innovative products that can bring your home to the next level. Of course, that is if you weren’t already aware of these cool products.

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5 Ideas to Create a Custom Headboard

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Do you feel that your bedroom needs a little change? A one-of a-kind headboard can make a bold statement which may be the solution you are looking for.

Not only does customizing your own headboard offer a low cost solution to updating your room,   it also makes a personal statement.

There are so many different ways to create a custom headboard. You can use fabrics, salvaged materials, paint, or found items. It all depends on your creativity, budget and your DIY capabilities.

Take a look at these 5 simple DIY headboard ideas listed below. I’ve also included some fantastic step-by-step tutorials.

Happy DIYing!

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Exterior Inspiration – Personalize Your Front Door

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shutterstock_96445247_colourful_front_doors_930x315Source: Shutterstock

Personalize Your Front Door

A painted front door is all about personality!

It creates a look that grabs attention and adds character to any home. Remember, the front door is also the first thing people see when arriving to your home.

This important feature is also something that homeowners tend to overlook.

Did you know that updating the colour of your front door adds to your home’s curl appeal? All that is required is one quart of paint, primer and standard painting supplies that you have at home.

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DIY Stenciling: Endless Possibilities

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DIY-Stencil-2(Source: Cutting Edge Stencils)

How are you surviving this winter? Everyone that I seem to speak with lately tell me they are already over the snow and the cold temperatures. If you are one of those individuals, just think, we only have a couple months left of winter.

If you like to hibernate during the winter months, then I have just the home project for you to tackle this season!

Are you looking for a simple solution to give a little extra oomph to your home decor? Maybe that piece of furniture sitting in the corner needs a facelift. Perhaps you want to add a focal point to your living or bedroom. Maybe you would like to switch up your tired accessories with new accent cushions and artwork.

What if I told you this solution is not only inexpensive but allows you to be creative and the possibilities are endless?

PERFECT, right?

Stenciling allows you chose your paint colour, how much paint you want to use, and how you want to use it. There are so many stencils out there to choose from – the only problem is which one do you choose.

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The 3 Things I Learnt By Mistake

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At one point in everyone’s life, they become a new homeowner. It’s a very exciting time but sometimes when it’s your first home (or condo) you learn a few things the hard way – by mistake.

You can’t expect to know everything. How do you think everyone else learnt?

No one can tell you all the things you will have to know as a home owner. Sometimes you will just learn them by mistake.

I have had my fair share of first time home owner mishaps.   At the time it’s not funny, but after the fact you can’t help but laugh at yourself.

One benefit is that you will always remember how to solve that issue.

I thought today that I would share a few stories of my not-so-brilliant first time home owner ordeals.

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5 Easy Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

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It is that time of year…




I know there are a lot of people out there whose favourite holiday is Halloween.  They enjoy going all out and decorating their homes in terrifying ghosts and ghouls.

Personally, I prefer to keep things more on the traditional and non-scary side.

I love to use pumpkins, flowers, branches, hay and cornstalks to create my Halloween outdoor theme.

Below I’ve included 5 decor ideas to help inspire you if you are having difficulty coming up with your Halloween theme.

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