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Homes of the Future (part 1)

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I am happy to announce that Ottawa General Contractors will be providing a 5 part guest blog series on “Homes of the Future” here at Simpson Design+Decor.

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Home Renovations today to Achieve a futuristic custom home

Author: Ronald Mort

In recent years, the future we often see represented in science fiction movies seems to be getting closer and closer. With the advent of Google Glass and its self-driving car, as well as the development of internet-connected home appliances, the lifestyle of “The Jetsons” is becoming more and more realistic. Technology is changing and upgrading everything about our world, and notably, our homes.

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The 3 Things I Learnt By Mistake

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At one point in everyone’s life, they become a new homeowner. It’s a very exciting time but sometimes when it’s your first home (or condo) you learn a few things the hard way – by mistake.

You can’t expect to know everything. How do you think everyone else learnt?

No one can tell you all the things you will have to know as a home owner. Sometimes you will just learn them by mistake.

I have had my fair share of first time home owner mishaps.   At the time it’s not funny, but after the fact you can’t help but laugh at yourself.

One benefit is that you will always remember how to solve that issue.

I thought today that I would share a few stories of my not-so-brilliant first time home owner ordeals.

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5 Easy Outdoor Halloween Decor Ideas

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It is that time of year…




I know there are a lot of people out there whose favourite holiday is Halloween.  They enjoy going all out and decorating their homes in terrifying ghosts and ghouls.

Personally, I prefer to keep things more on the traditional and non-scary side.

I love to use pumpkins, flowers, branches, hay and cornstalks to create my Halloween outdoor theme.

Below I’ve included 5 decor ideas to help inspire you if you are having difficulty coming up with your Halloween theme.

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ROAR! Bring Out Your Inner Animal

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Where did our fall go?

It seems as though a few weeks ago it was summer and now we have frost warnings.

To say that it’s been a little chilly lately is an understatement.

However, when we do get back to our seasonal temperatures, I do enjoy this season for the following reasons:

  • the cooler nights are great for sleeping with the windows open
  • the fall colours
  • pumpkin & spice EVERYTHING
  • cozying up by the fireplace, with a blanket and a great mystery novel

Since fall officially arrived this past weekend, why not add some comfort and warmth to your home with decor items inspired by the fall season.

Here are 12 inspirational ideas to add a touch of exotic style into your home.

Take a walk on the wild side!

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What’s Hot In Kitchen Designs For 2014/2015

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It is officially September!

The kids have gone back to school and everyone is back at work from their summer holidays.

Everyone starts to think about getting back to their home projects as well as what renovation needs to be completed before the Christmas Holidays.

This time of year is when renovators and kitchen designers are very busy.

I thought it would be fitting to touch on what trends we are seeing within the kitchen design industry for 2014 to 2015.

Joe and Tania Palazzolo of Jota Designs Inc. are my go-to kitchen designers! I have been working with Jota Designs Inc. since I began my design career and I can say they are the best in the industry. Joe has taught me everything I know when it comes to kitchen design.

I think the reason why Joe, Tania and I work so well together is that we are on the same page when it comes to how to best serve our customers. Plus the fact that we all studied Industrial Design doesn`t hurt either – a common bond we share.

Interesting fact about Joe – he used to design cars! How cool is that!?

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12 Most Common Interior Decorating Blunders – part two

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In last week’s post I discussed six of the most common interior decorating blunders that I come across during in-home design consultations:

12 – The DIY gone wrong

11 – Overspending

10 – There is no focal point

9 – Purchasing that cheap, quick-fix furniture item

8 – The wall colour that you didn’t test

7 – The infamous white item


In this week’s BONUS post, I will divulge the remaining top six common decorating no-nos.

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12 Most Common Interior Decorating Blunders

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When it comes to your home decor, you want it to reflect your personality; your fantastic taste; your keen sense of style.

The following are common interior decorating blunders that I constantly come across during my in-home consultations.

These are the no-nos that designers see constantly and now that you are aware of these common mistakes; you will know how to avoid them.


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Bedroom Inspiration Design

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Did you know…


… there is a store in the Ottawa area that carries HGTV Home products? It’s called Ottawa Brand Source!

It is worth the trip to Belfast road to check out the HGTV Home Collection.

The collections include some great pieces and every six months new products will be showcased in the store. This will usually take place around February and September.

When I saw the Blue Raffia Chest from the Caravan Collection, I was inspired to create an Inspiration Concept for a luxurious bedroom design.

I love the curved, nail-head detail on the chest and selected a headboard, chair and side table to compliment those lines.

I feel that this colour palette –blue and grey, with a rustic orange accent – provides a masculine touch in contrast with the feminine lines.

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Can We Really Trust Contractors?

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Handyman with a tool belt. House renovation service.


You just need to be smart about hiring the right contractor or renovation company for your project and with whom you feel comfortable working.

Today I’ll give you some great tips if you are looking to hire a contractor.

5 Must Do Steps When Hiring a Contractor

  • Do your research
  • Get a few quotes
  • Reference check
  • Sign a contract
  • Watch out for RED FLAGS

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Coastal Style

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It’s finally here!



After what felt like a long and cold winter, it is fantastic to have hot sunny weather.

No complaining that it is too hot…

Now that the hot lazy days of summer have arrived here in the Ottawa region, think about how you can bring that fresh outdoor feeling into your home.

Coastal and nautical themes seem to be popping up everywhere this season.

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