Blending Art with Functional Design to Create a Beautiful Home

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I am pleased to provide you with the fourth installment from Ottawa General Contractors’ 5 part guest blog series on “Homes of the Future” here at Simpson Design+Decor.

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Until recent years, most home designs have been geared toward practicality rather than creativity or style. Such designs can be made more interesting through masterful interior decorating, but they are still no match for the power of innately beautiful structures. When looking at futuristic home designs, it’s easy to see that many are intended to be as artful as they are functional. In this edition of Homes of the Future, we’re taking a look at an amazing home that could double as a museum sculpture.



(Source: io9)


The “House on the Flight of Birds” by Bernardo Rodriguez is located in Ribeira Grande in Portugal. Its construction completed in 2010. Not only is the home beautiful, it is smartly designed to be in tune with the environment. Large exterior walls are meant to act as windbreaks, while covered patios provide outdoor relaxation while protecting residents from rain.



(Source: io9)



(Source: io9)


Sweeping lines throughout the home create built-in lounge areas and backgrounds that are reminiscent of abstract art.



(Source: io9)



(Source: io9)


Large floor-to-ceiling windows and a roof with a lush green view make it so that the homeowners can feel close to nature, even while living in a thoroughly modern home.



(Source: io9)


Don’t you just love this gorgeous home? Tell us what you think of its futuristic style in the comments below. And if you’re thinking about doing a home renovation, contact us today for a free quote!


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